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Keebler® Animal cookies and crackers are deliciously fun and Uncommonly Good.®

Keebler® Animals Frosted cookies Keebler® Animal Crackers

E.L. Fudge® butter sandwich cookies are made with a fudge crème filling in a fun Elfin™ shape.

Keebler® E.L. Fudge® Double Stuffed cookies Keebler® E.L. Fudge® Original cookies

Mighty Tiny® cookies and crackers are delicious and great for any size fun imaginable.

Gripz® Variety 14 Pack™ Keebler® Gripz® Chips Deluxe® cookies

We bake our delicious Simply Made cookies with Elfin inguenuity and the same simple ingredients that you'd find in your pantry — like butter, sugar, eggs and wheat flour.

Keebler® Simply Made® Chocolate Chip cookies Keebler® Simply Made® Butter cookies Keebler® Simply Made® Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies

Delight in every sweet, crispy bite of vanilla wafers. They’re a timeless treat!

Keebler® Vanilla Wafers Keebler® Vanilla Wafers Minis

Keebler® Vienna Fingers® are a terrific crème-filled companion for a busy day.

Keebler® Vienna Fingers® Reduced Fat cookies Keebler® Vienna Fingers® cookies